Is blogging the new?

I have ever so sneakily copied a few pieces of advertising of a number of my favourite blogs, so ever so lovely blogger's I hope you don't mind!

This top piece of digital advertisement is from Keiko Lynn's blog where she has well over 4000 followers. She also advertises her sponsors by wearing pieces from them on images on her blo

This last image is taken from Kaelah Bee from the wonderful blog called Little Chief Honeybeewhere sponsor's send her pieces which match who she is as a person.

A large number of blogger's also use digital technology on their blogs. For everything from the background, layout to fonts and tags as well as icons, many other more popular blogs also use advertising on the side bars of their sites to either promote other blogs or small boutiques and designers. An example of this is on Keiko Lynn’s extremely popular blog ( where a large amount of her boarders are full of vintage stores and websites advertise.

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