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Just and extremely quick post to say I'm on Style 369's blog!
And here's a little link up for you to feast or divert your eyes on,

Also even more so If any of you have tumblr (and a large number of people do nowadays)
you can like there post and reblog it to your hearts content.

I have a new blog post of two planned for tomorrow night and Thursday, so keep reading thank you.

Here's a little snippet of what they said...
"Check out this pic of the adorable Rosie wearing a pair of our Chelsea Boots in black. She looks super-cute and we love how she has worked them in to her outfit...." so aparrantly I'm adorable always nice to know, haha. But really thank you Style 369 the shoes are just perfect.
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1 comment

Thank you! I try to read every comment I get and if I don't reply on here find me on twitter (@rosieroundface) and let me know!

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