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Dress/Leggings: Matalan. Denim Jacket: M&Co. Shoes/Belt: Peacocks. Box Bag: Vintage Style Boutique.

It's time yet again for another Fat Fabulous Four challenge and this time were taking on stripes, which are a firm favourite in my wardrobe! When I'm out shopping they're something I'm naturally drawn to and always pick up. I know some people would say that stripes aren't very flattering on a plus size figure but in all honestly I couldn't care less I love wearing them and that's all that matters! This dress is a midi dress from Matalan but I've altered it as being a short arse means they're far to long on me as they are and I prefer a higher hemline so I can wear them with leggings. Denim jacket from one of my firm favourite stores M&Co, so often my friends don't believe me when I say what I'm wearings from there. I think sometimes people think it's somewhere mothers or grandmothers shop at when in reality they have some adorable vintage inspired and trend lead pieces. 

Some of my accessories are from good old Peacocks, I simply adore this belt I picked it up last weekend. The colours and easy feel to it make it perfect for this summer, it also matches my super old and battered flats also from Peacocks. I found this really cute box bag in an adorable vintage styled shop in my hometown, I've walked past and looked in the window so many times but never actually been in until today and lets just say I could buy the whole place out, it's so pretty and surprisingly for that kind of thing really well priced. I finally finished the look with my usual red lipstick and crontic bitch face!

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