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 I have a love/hate relationship with Taylor Swift... I can dance around to a number of her songs (and even sing them word for word) but theirs something about her that really annoys me too... Probably that she's got around a large number of attractive men who I'd quite fancy my chances with!

anyway this video hardly has her in hence why I probably like it so much! I daren't confess to you HOW many times I've actually watched this (well into double figures) but what I will say is I may of had a little cry, because I'm over emotional and it basically shows to me to kids discovering friendship and maybe more? Just so you know for future reference the adorable ginger boy is how my children, If I have any will be like. I'm sure you all know I kind of think Ed Sheeran's alright.... and you can certainly tell he was heavily involved with the song and I'm partly guessing the video too, as he generally only has himself in a video as a minor part not the main focus which for all of Taylor's other videos she is. In my opinion it's beautifully done even if I didn't like both artists I'd probably still adore the video and song.

May I finally point out the end shot with the little ginger kid and Ed actually kills me. Genuinely hope I'm not the only one...

P.S I think I purely watch it for eds arms and face at the end as well.....
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