New Years.





These are just a selection of pictures from my lovely friend's party last night, unlike last years I was very, very sober though if it wasn't for my medication I probably wouldn't of been! I spent new years with some of the people I love dearly, all my friends. They all know I blog and tend to have sneaky reads from time to time! In fact the wonderful image of my friend Billy with his mouth open and posing was requested to go up in his slightly drunken state so lets hope hes see's it! I also put a picture in of one of my oldest friend Joe's 3 piece suit he wore, He's got some serious style I'm going to try and badger him next time he's home from Sandhurst to get some pictures of him to put up on here, he dresses so well! The only other pictures of him are from this party so long ago! My friend Becca in the grey dress had the cutest clutch ever so I got a full length shot of her by the tree. It's from Accesorize and was reduced from £22 to £12 I'm going to go and hunt it down for myself it's so beautiful.

This year with my outfit was a little more out of my comfort zone than what I would of worn a year ago! But who cares I actually felt fine, maybe even great in it! The bra under is a longline from Matalan, I actually love loads of there lingerie lately! I bought the top in the Next sales along with my shoes which I AM IN LOVE WITH and I've been praising them on twitter to! I paired them with a skater skirt from Asos and some tights. Then I wore my trusty red lip stain and matching it to my bra which you a little visible under the top, was that trashy matching them? You know what I don't care I loved it! This is a look I am definitely going to try again which mean you'll probably have lots more posts with visible bra being shown on purpose!

Finally I had to get into there downstairs shower and pretend I was singing into it because that is something I tend to do at house parties! I just realised how picture heavy this post is, I am so sorry but I loved to many of them not to include them! Hope you all had a lovely New Years Eve and Day!

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  1. Love seeing people's party shots; looks like a great night! Happy New Year :)

    Elle (

  2. You FITTIE!!

    I love this outfit on you my dear, and one thing I like about NYE, is thinking over how we've grown or changed. And I love how you've grown and matured (Ooops, this comment got DEEP).


  3. Happy New Year. You look amazing! Glad you had a great time xx

  4. Looking fab as always hun! xxx

  5. Just discovered your blog, and I really like your style, will be coming back to check future posts.

    Happy New Year

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