Leather and Denim.


Denim Vest: Dorothy Perkins. Cardigan: Primark Men's (Borrowed off my Brother not that he knows!) Lace Top: Primark. (P)leather Skirt: Simply Be. Bra (just seen) M&S Limited Edition. Brooch: Vintage.

Yes I somehow managed to get some pictures taken before it was dark today! Though I am definitely not feeling great today, I seem to have taken a few steps back health wise in the last few weeks which does make me really miserable but anyway I digress! I mentioned on twitter last week that I'd be interested in doing some fashion challenges random with different Bloggers as there is so many things in my wardrobe that I love but just seem to get unworn! The lovely Hanna from The Wardrobe Challenge was one of the first of quite a few to mention being interested and this is our first one together Leather and Denim!

I know Hanna also owns this beaut of a skirt but what her outfit will consist of is still a mystery to me! I bought this skirt in the Simply Be sale in October(?) when we had a student lock in at the Highcross Shopping Centre in Leicester so as well as the sale I got an extra 20% off, so I got this lovely skirt for about 7 pounds BARGAIN! The top is a cheeky Primark purchase from last Easter that I've hardly worn but now with my new confidence with flashing a little bra, I NOW LOVE THIS TOP. And finally the denim vest is a favourite of mine which I throw over everything. I also slapped on a fair bit of make up because I'm feeling really rotten today!

One last thing I've really enjoyed doing this with Hanna as she's one of my fave Bloggers and I simply love everything she wears! But it has also made me look into my wardrobe more and pull things out I've either hardly or never worn! If anyone would be interested in doing little random challenges let me know. P.S Don't forget to check out Hanna's Blog The Wardrobe Challenge !

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  1. You would never guess you were feeling less than healthy here. You look amazing! If I looked this good when I was ill it'd be pretty great. If I looked this good when I was healthy I'd be a happy lady! Little random challenges sounds like a good idea, let me know if you decide to do it (and if you need help setting it all up!)


  2. You definitely do not look like you're not feeling that well, cause you look amazing!

    I am in love with that top!


  3. I would wear this. It's awesome.

  4. You're looking very sassy here, love the mix of materials xx

  5. I just discovered your blog. Looked through a few posts and I adore your style! I just signed up via bloglovin' to follow and I can't wait to see even more from you.

    I really love this outfit, and I love how you and Hanna did so different outfits.

    Malene xx

  6. nice combination! i like the blouse! <3

  7. I absolutely love this skirt, especially with the lace top and denim jacket.

  8. That is a bloody good outfit that!

    from a fellow curvy blogger

    Tanya <3 @ what-Tanya-did.blogspot.com


  9. Great outfit and I love your hair :)


  10. Totally love this outfit, I've just dug my cameo broach out which belonged to my nana and gonna get it used :)



  11. Love the outfit, the black leather and white lace combo works so well :D x


  12. This is such a lovely outfit, I love the blouse!!! xx

  13. I am so jealous of your lovely thick fringe! I love the idea of a fashion challenge, too. I get rid of unworn things constantly that I ought to give a second chance to.

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