London Calling... The Next Day


      Playsuit: Asos Curve. Blazer: Vintage - Charity Shop. Scarf: Vintage - handed down. Boots: Simply Be.

The second post of my little over night trip to London. This is as much as I can show you from the shoot as everything else is shush shush for now, I'm sorry! I really love this playsuit I would say its quite a generous fit though but I don't mind that really, I wanted to look nice but also be comfortable and feel good in what I was wearing as I knew I was going to possibly get filmed in it (which I did) the only not so comfortable thing is the fact you basically have to get almost naked to pee. The blazer I was lucky to find in a charity shop for a fiver a few years ago and it's my go to for all occasions to be honest it's rarely off my back! The scarf is vintage and I have a feeling my mum gave it to me as far as I'm aware I've always had it and in the last few years its been worn to death! Boot's are Simply Be and were a bargain with a discount code, I drag them out all year round really tiny heel that I'm comfortable with!

My make up was to die for, it's all about the eyes. Now I have been known to dabble in eyeliner before from fifties cat eye flicks to full blown emo style but in recent years it's something I've almost become bad at it. I used to be a big fan of thick winged eyeliner but now I'm much more into the thinner more delicate lines, which I can't do at all but after seeing how lovely this looked I'm totally inspired to play up my eyes more. I told the make up artist (Mitzi, who was utterly lovely and a babe) that I tend to wear red lipstick a lot so she put this really lovely colour on my lips which is different to the pillar box red I tend to go for but in the best way I totally love the shade she put on and feel it works so that I don't feel so self conscious for everyday!

So of course I had an insanely ace night and day. It was an experience I will never forget and hope I could do more of in the future but for now I still can't tell you what it was for! I think I can come February so I'll just have to try and zip my lips on here until then!

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  1. I love this playsuit on you! Looks so cute and the vintage style accessories look great with it :)
    I've always been abit scared of playsuits but you've inspired me to try one!



  2. Oh you look lovely. The playsuit and boots are a really great together! I don't think I can wait until February to find out what exciting thing you've been doing!! xx

  3. you look gorgeous! I'm looking forward to feb :] xx

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