Polka Dots, Retro Bag and Red Lips.


Bag: vintage, charity shop. Dress: Matalan. Belt: Peacocks. Shoes: Evans. Lipstick: Rockalily, Hot Rod Red.

Just a quick outfit post to prove I am still alive and actually wearing clothes! I'm so sorry its taken me so long to get a half decent post up but here it is now finally! I'm also showcasing a new dress and bag, I feel as if I may actually be ready for spring and summer now judging by this outfit. If I'm totally honest this is about as summer as I'll probably get other than maybe some Jelly Sandals and pastel coloured socks (YES I love that trend!)

I adore my Lipstick in these pictures and I'm dedicating a WHOLE post to it soon enough well in fact I already have the pictures to do it! But I'll just mention now that its a Rockalily in Hot Rod Red and its just the perfect formula, I AM IN LOVE.

Right tonight I am off to an Indie Soul night in my local town which is ran by my brother and his lovely mate they also have a blog which sooner or later I shall be doing a few guest posts on. Though its probably not right that I'm getting ready by drinking wine out of a Harry Potter mug and listening to Justin Bieber?!
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  1. Gorgeous dress! I love the sweet little bag, too. XO

  2. I love the dress and the bag is lovely - glad to see the dip-dye hair is lasting out well. Beaut. xXx

  3. great dress, love the bag too!
    your hair is looking lovely also :D
    Rosie xo

  4. love the bag, what a great find!
    I always get ready listening to Britey and Marina ;) x

  5. There is not one part of this outfit which I am not jealous about!!

  6. gorgeous! And that bag is so fab!! :)


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