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Trio Eyeshadow in Chocolate Box - MUA
Cotton Candy - Collection 2000
Fairy Cake - Collection 2000

Yes those last two picture I do look a bit of a tit but to be honest I couldn't really give a damn, they make me smile a lot specially the first one! Anyway I wanted to show you the new make up I picked up today in Superdrug while buying toothpaste, yes I get sidetracked easily to say the least but I'm always glad I do! None of these products cost over £3 which personally I think is a bit of a bargain considering I find them to be pretty fantastic

To start with is my eyes which I have stated is a MUA trio palette and honestly I'm not really one for wearing eyeshadow a lot I actually purchased this to wear next to my lash line under my liquid liner when I go out as I like a tiny bit of sparkle but I thought I'd have a play with all the colours on my lid and I love it!
I've always been okay at make up so blending colours together on my lid doesn't really phase me I just used the lightest all over then the darkest on my socket line and blended it in with the paler shade then added some of the middle colour and whats on my lids in the photograph is the outcome, not bad hey! I bought this for 2.50 which I think is an insanely good price.

Now onto the lip creams from Collection 2000 one of these is actually a re-purchase as I bought it last October wore it to death then lost it, so when I saw them in store on offer I thought I'd try another colour as well. This is something I would wear everyday as there's enough colour without it being over the top and they don't dry your lips out! I also love the matte finish as I'm not one for mirror shine glosses. These are easy to apply and easy to store they also have a really cutesy label which obviously appeals to me. The lip puffs also smell SO GOOD I couldn't put my finger on what the smell is but I just know I like it!

I'm thinking of doing more posts like this by all means I am not a beauty blogger at all or anything but I just like make up! As you all know from seeing my outfit posts I tend to wear lipstick a lot of the time, so I'd like to show you all more of my collection!
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  1. The middle picture is the best you look brilliant :) xxx

  2. Very pretty lady, I love the lip creams. I won one in a giveaway and i've used it so much since I want to try it in another colour soon x

  3. love all these colours together, love a make up post too :) good to see what things look like on x


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