How to be.

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This is a little post about a film I tend to watch quite a lot, now if you have known me for awhile you'll know that I'm a little bit in love with Robert Pattinson though regardless if he was in this or not I'd still love it. This was before the whole Twilight shenanigan's (which you may also know I'm obsessed with... but not because robs in them may I point out!) when rob spent his time either gigging around London with the stage name Bobby Duprea or acting in indie or sometimes just plain weird films. But "How to be" is actually brilliant, now I will say this not everyone will get it or even find it funny it just depends if you like this sort of film.

But rob does sing in this... not at his usual level (which I will one day post for you as it leaves me with goosebumps) but its witty and odd all the same. And his two friends in this film are also awesome characters and all each of there own weirdness's bounce off each other! And yes that is an unfortunate haircut but I still would! The costumes in this also make me smile because well I know a few guys like this myself and it just makes me giggle, also some shots in this film are also beautiful done for something with so little a budget.

So all in all definitely worth a watch if your into slightly obscure indie flicks with interesting characters and even better outfits.

"Life is a stage in witch we all play, and the world is a symphony, sarcastic lost. Like to be a part of the global games. But I left behind chokin’ on the dust, chokin’ on the dust, chokin’ on the dust."
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