Here are some more detailed photographs of my lovely new Lipstick from Rockalily which now you can no longer buy which is such a shame as its the most lovely colour and consistency.
I chose the shade "Hot Rod Red" which said it it wasn't really for fair skin but all the others were sold out and I'm so glad I got this its best bright red I've ever had!

It feels lovely on your lips and doesn't dry out and go all bitty as your wear it through out the day. In fact as it wears off it just leaves your lips with a pretty coloured stain which I really love as and smudged on purely for this! The packaging is also to die for with and you can see the real love that went into creating it.

My only thought would be it definitely does not come cheap ( £14 but £16 inc postage) and the plain black case reminds me of my Barry M lippy's so I guess it could feel a little more special but then as it comes boxed and then how good the product actually is I don't really care!

Has anyone else ever bought these lipsticks and whats your favourite colour to wear in general?
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  1. this colour is great on you, also your hair is looking super glossy!
    I wear a lot of pinks to work but like coral and red for nights out x

  2. love the colour, it really suits you. I'm in to dark gothic colours. xx

  3. You have such a pretty face, the colour looks fab on you!

  4. I have Rockette Red, Pompadour Pink, Mermaid and ZOMG! I'm so upset that Ree has discontinued these lippy's as I love them.

    The Hot Rod Red looks great on you!



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