This is what happens when I come home to go to my best friends (middle picture of friend shots) little brothers 18th where we all had to dress as animals while he was dressed as a vet, he's going to uni to do veterinary sciences or something! I dressed up as a cat and even draw paw prints on my face and generally drink a bottle of wine while one of my younger best friends who happens to be Scottish comes to pick me up for the party looking like hes smothered himself in fake tan in the dark and then fallen over into a vat of cotton wool balls! I was finding them over the weekend in random parts of my bag! And finally the bottom picture is me and my amazing friend Eleanor we both share a slightly crazy love of One Direction and we re -kindled (I've actually known her since I was five) our beautiful friendship just over a year ago and I wouldn't have my life any different now! P.s she was a panther not a cat but were both from the feline family.

Right now on to the snaps my best friend Lily took in her bedroom after I'd had a glass or two of wine hence the shiny face. My top is a new buy from Primark I'm seriously loving there stuff at the moment I've only ever bought dresses tops or skirts from there in the last few years I'm yet to try trousers though I really would like to! I need some decent jeans in my life. My skirt is currently being worn to death and was a fiver from Matalan. Lastly my lippie is Barry M and was new that day and it's staying power is soo good and I also bought a Barry M lip liner which has just change my red lipstick life! The mask was made by my mum with a template off google images and some funky foam, it seriously pays to have a rainbow leader for a mum we have so much crafty stuff lying around!

Tomorrow I'm hitting up London for the Clements Ribeiro Collaboration with Evans preview, I'm so excited I'm also meeting up with Becky so we can arrive together, because a) I never really know where I'm going in London. b) I hate turning up to things on my own just in case I look a total idiot and finally c) everything is better when you turn up in two's.
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  1. Hope you had fun in London!
    I went to Primark today and managed to pick up loads of lovely things, a few nice plain jersey dresses and a lace dress. Not found anything in there for ages xx

  2. awww looks like a fab night! And I love that shirt, it looks so beautiful! :)


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