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Through The Grapevine 13.04.2012 from Sam Astbury on Vimeo.

This is just a cheeky little post on behalf of my brother Sam and his mate. They runs a indie soul night at a bar in my hometown every so often (usually whenever most students are home) and this is his short promo video for it. My brother Sam shot this himself and the backing song is Kaiser chiefs cover of "I heard it through the grapevine" which I love and have been singing for the past day thanks to this video! (Sam is a Film and media graduate and also my blog photographer from time to time.)

I posted about the last one here and it was honestly so much fun, I had a really good time there is nothing like seriously good music and a really cool place to just hang out and drink cocktails (or in my case bottles of beer as they were the cheapest on promotion!) The night itself also has its own personalised cocktail "Rum and Ting" which towards the end of the evening I was calling bumting... that would of been the becks talking! So if your in the North West or even closer such as Cheshire get yourself down I'm sure it'll be a really good night!

Where: Illuccinis' Cafe Bar, Capital Walk, Congleton. When: Friday 13th April! Time: 9.00pm - 2.00am Price: Tickets- £2, On-The-Door - £3.
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