Just some pictures of what I wore to a gig tonight and 2 sneaky instagram pictures of the support and headline band ( thanks to Nic for these, I borrowed them off her!) The band I went to see at the Sound House were Kassidy and I am seriously impressed! There Scottish and all there songs are just brilliant, they also all have hair at least to there shoulders if not longer, my fave is the blonde haired one and there roadie who's ginger and they have nicknamed ginger ninja (honestly its his twitter name!)

I posted a couple of snaps of what I was wearing on my twit pic with my web cam and to be honest I think I prefer those pictures but here are some I took when I got in hence the slightly disheveled face! So my outfit was pretty plain so jewelry or anything I just didn't fancy getting to fussy I wanted to be comfortable but still interesting. So I wore this amazing shirt from Asos which I love to bits! It's so easy to wear and is such an amazing print the only downside being it creases so easily! Now the skirt is from Matalan I picked it up as a good basic but have slightly fallen in love, it's the perfect jersey skirt! The pockets are deep enough for your hands and stuff to actually fit in, short enough without making me fully flash my knickers and it sits really nicely on my body, the fact it only cost a fiver is just a bonus really! I just finished the outfit off with Primark flats, tights and a vintage bag from a charity shop.

My hair and makeup were even behaving tonight so I felt really good going out for a change! I just finished with some lip stain because I knew I'd probably have a pint and didn't bother with eyeliner because I knew I'd be wearing my glasses! I'm off home tomorrow (or today depending that date it says when I post this!) in the evening I have a massive party for an old family friend so I'll make sure I get a snap of my outfit as its a dress occasion.
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