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I don't want to write pages and pages about this (though I could very easily!) On Saturday night went to the 02 Apollo in Manchester to see my all time favourite band, McFly I haven't missed a tour since I was 13 and I've loved them since I was ten, which was when they first started almost 9 years which is crazy!

For all the tour dates but one I've been with my friend Mary (who is the main person in the bottom picture with me, please ignore Elly jumping in, haha!) Last tour we ended up on second row then somehow jumped to right in front of Tom Fletcher, which was amazing. This time round the 4 of us ( Elly, Mary, me and Mary's friend from uni Eilidh) we somehow ended up behind friends and family meaning we were surround by the boys really fit girlfriends (how depressing) and Antony Cotton which was brilliant though I fear I deafened him by the end!

further down the row in front of Mary was James Michael who was on XFactor... we first bumped into him as soon as we walked in and I grabbed him because it was Mary's 19th and she wanted a pictures (more like I did) next think we know hes grabbing us and mushing his face into my cheek for a picture and going on about how cool it is to come to McFly on your birthday! Then the best thing happened he sang Happy Birthday to Mary and it wasn't the best I've ever heard him we were all in fits of laughter!

Now I'm going to finish with I heard 3 of McFlys new songs and they are AMAZING I'd forgotten how much I loved them and how insane they are live! Even if your not a massive fan of them you will like these songs, Fangirl for life.
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