Elomi Review.


This is my first ever attempt at reviewing underwear, so apologies if I'm rubbish! I'll tell you all about the set and what they are like but no pictures of me wearing it (other than the one above but it's only the strap!) I don't fancy people from my old school or college googling my name and finding pictures of me in underwear! ( I also know a few read the blog and I don't fancy having to look them in the eye if they saw me in my pants!) I hope you don't mind though it would of put you off logging on my to my page anyway!

the set I was so kindly sent is called Ophelia which on the Elomi site it says is 'sophisticated meets sexy with a plunge push-up bra in leopard lace, co-ordinated with an indulgent thong'. Now before we start I am definitely not a thong kind of girl I am way more of a Bridget kind of pants girl but when I opened the package I was surprised to find how nice the thong was not tacky or tiny (which was my past judgment on them!) I'm still not in love with them but there not as bad as I once thought! I was sent the thong in a XXL which is a size 20 I believe.

Now onto the bra fits like a dream, I was fitted at plus London two by one of Elmi's lovely girls so I knew what size to get which in case you were wondering was a 38DD and fits very well, the only downside being that the bottom of it rolls up when I move but that just because of my rolls making it do it! The bra also gives a really nice shape without it being all up in your face or anything like that! I also feel really grown up in this as I'm used to wearing basic underwear which has been in a similar style since I was about 15! I also need to mention that the straps are nice and thick too so they don't cut into your shoulders and help me have better posture to, if you get me?

When I met everyone representing Elomi at Plus London Two, I was super surprised at the cuteness of their pieces I know it sounds awful but when I look at underwear for plus size there sometimes really frumpy but Elomi isn't at all! And their pieces are lovely to wear as well!
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  1. Does it actually push up? I am forever searching for a plunge bra to fit my huge back!

  2. I purchased another Elomi bra after the fitting at Plus London 2 - only downside for me is they are handwash but other than that they are perfect. xxx

  3. hand washing is not a downside for me, to have gorgeous bras to wear and fit me well. my washing machine has a handwash cycle which is probably more gentle than me doing it.

  4. The lace underwear is so sexy and pretty!
    love your blog:)
    keep posting!


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