Grey Tshirt Dress.


It's taken me too long to do a blog post this week, I've had so much to write about but without pictures its pointless and as I forgot to take pictures at the party I went to last weekend I'm hoping to put the outfit I wore on again when I'm home so I can at least show you guys!

These pictures aren't brilliant either and definitely don't do this dress justice! I've been lusting over the Topshop version since before Christmas but alas I can't afford £30 odd for a jersey dress and the minor detail I can't get my arse into Topshop, Primark have finally cottoned on and made a version of it for under a tenner which I'm WAY more happier with. I had to get a size 18 because there weren't any 20's in my local store and I didn't want to wait though to be honest this size is fine and fits very well I'll probably buy it in a 20 as well just in case it shrinks when I was it or anything. They also do it in a stripe ( which is what I actually went in for) but I couldn't find my size anyway around the store then waiting for a changing room I saw a women leave with a size 20... I was actually gutted! Hoping to drop on it soon as it will be perfect for the summer and the length is also just right!

The sunnies are also new... from Primark for a £1 you can't really go wrong with Primark sunglasses I mean they don't last forever but what pairs do? There also fun and you can own 15 pairs for the price of one pair in Topshop! I also bought a pair of metal RayBan style ones for 50p as I ruined my last pair drunkenly ripping the lenses out so I could dress as a nerd! I paired the look with my deer necklace which I've made longer with a piece of a old broken necklace which is also from Primark ( I'm virtually a walking advert for them, can you tell I'm a student?!) and a slick of bright coral lipstick. My hair was also extremely knotty and in desperate need of a wash when I took these pictures so I'm sorry it all looks a little grungy! I don't usually wear a topknot unless I'm lazing around or keeping my hair out of the way while I'm doing work but I actually quite like this look.

I'm back home tomorrow for a very close friends party (fancy dress so I'll try and get pictures!) and then on Monday I'm hopefully in London for an event, so I have a very exciting week ahead.
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  1. I love the tshirt dress, I've been wanting one forever! And I love how you dressed it up with cool sunnies and pretty lipstick. :)

  2. I really want the stripey one! going to go to the huge Primark in Cardiff this weekend to hunt it down.
    Have fun in London! x

  3. I really love this so simple and cute, great staple for spring summer wardrobe, I could do with something like this. x

  4. I love how nice and casual dress is, It's so pretty, Love your sunnies with it too :) x


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