Another Dress.


Just a quick post to ask all your lovely opinions on yet another dress! Yes I think its clear now I have a dress obsession. I've been looking for the perfect one for a party on Friday but I still don't know if I've found the perfect one. Now don't get me wrong on the littlewoods clearance on eBay this seemed perfect slouchy not to long black and really beautiful detailing on the sleeves and neckline. But I think it may run slightly small as its snugger than I would of wanted to really but alas they didn't go up to a 22 otherwise I would of probably size up anyway. I also bought a purple pleated skirt from the clearance to and it is lovely but so short!

I could wear a skirt over this dress but then it hides the cute pockets. So I just have no idea, and I'm completely open to your overly honest opinions and idea's towards what I can do or should do. I also thought I could wear some hardcore shape wear under it but as I don't actually own any that works and don't have the money for decent ones I might give primarks a try as one of your lovely girls on twitter mentioned that they were pretty good! PLEASE HELP ME.
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  1. I think it looks lovely, the detail on the neck and arms is gorgeous. Primark shapewear is pretty good, I would take the dress with you and try some on in the shop. You will know if you feel comfy in it then x

  2. I am getting on the Littlewoods clearance now, I adore this dress! Definitely try Primark shapewear, it's pretty good, and also some of M&S's normal tights come up high enough and I find them quite sucky inny :) xxx


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