Winter jumper.


Its officially December now which means its now acceptable to play my Christmas playlist at full volume, though I've been listening to it through my headphones since mid October... I also want to apologise that I look pretty rough here I've actually spent the majority of the week tucked up in bed at uni full of flu but I'm finally feeling a little bit more human so I took these before I left for home.

I'm wearing an amazing jumper I bought from the charity shop last Easter but haven't had chance to wear until now, it's not as baggy as my usually grandad jumpers but I love it all the same. The denim shirt under neath was also from the charity shop a few summers ago and I tend to just throw it over anything though generally its worn in the summer with leggings and a top this year I'm going to wear it with all my winter clothes too as I just love the look it gives!

I've also had my haircut since my last outfit post though you can't overly tell! Its just nice to be able to see where I'm going again! I've also not dyed my hair since before starting uni so at the moment I don't really know what colour it is but I am planning on bleaching the ends blonde very soon!

So no its officially Christmas has anyone got there decorations up already?
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  1. OMG you make grandad jumpers look fab, I look like an overstuffed granny jumped up on peppermints!!! not sure what that looks like but first thing I though of :) xxx

  2. I don't put my decorations up until a few days before, such a scrooge!

  3. Great job here. i love it all.

  4. I love those jumpers and that sweater!

    I need to put up decorations soon haha



  5. ooohhh cool jumper!

    I have no deccies up this year as we will be away for it- but it's the first time ever! It feel kind of weird being December and not having a tree up!

    Olivia :) x
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