Simply Be's Magic Mirror.


Just a very quick post to show you some of the many fab pictures we took at the magic mirror in the brand new Simply Be store in Liverpool One. I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch party/event along with a few of my lovely blogger friends! The store was officially opened by Lisa Riley (you know her who used to be in Emmerdale and do you've been framed!) and Katy Kavagah from corrie who plays Julie, we were reminded about this every time they were mentioned! I'll do another post with all my pictures from the event sometime in the next week, I just wanted to post these now as it was SO MUCH FUN, I can see me going back to the store just for this and doing more blog posts about it.

Basically the magic mirror is a camera which take four pictures of you in your outfit or the clothes your trying and then you can send them to your email/facebook/twitter and they will also print them out for you, now I think this is such a good idea and it makes me want to shop there, we did get some printed but totally forgot about them and left them there!

The next time I post I'll most probably be in my halls, so look forward to my meltdowns!
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  1. haha sounds like a lot of fun!!

  2. It was a brilliant night, wasn't it! I didn't get a chance with the magic mirror though :(
    Susan, I had the spotty dress on! :)

  3. AHH yes i recall seeing you sorry i didn't say hello! you won something right? :)

  4. Yeah, I won the Lauren's Way voucher, I got the white dress. :) I need to spree now for accessories haha! ;)


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