Heart Bag.


Can you tell I've no longer got my brother and his decent camera to take my pictures now? These were taken with my camera and it wasn't even sunny! Hopefully I'll get a better camera soon, but for now we'll have to do with to much light flooding in.

I found this denim shirt in the never ending pile of clean washing which is waiting to be ironed but really it doesn't need ironing, I'm not bothered either way. I bought it from a charity shop about 2 years ago and it was a summer staple, would of been this year but I found it when summer was basically over! The brooch is vintage with the most beautiful glass and my auntie bought it me when she spent a few days with us while they were over here from New Zealand. The leggings are my usual Matalan ones. Now I shall talk to you about my bag it was a birthday present of my lovely friend Emily and I've not used it enough yet at all! Its from River Island which I generally never shop at but I always go in for a nosey and there bags are always amazing, these pictures don't do it justice! I tried to match my lips slightly to the bag and my nails but the bad quality of the photos means you can't really tell.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to London for an event hosted by One Stop Plus which was at the Nails Inc flagship store in Mayfair so I got my nails done in a really cool coral/orange colour, I'll be posting about the event in the next week, so do look out for that!
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  1. The bag is devine!
    and i love your denim shirt.


  2. Loving the shirt with brooch combo....makes it just girly enough!

    Love the bag and agree that River Island do some fab ones, although I too dont generally buy them as a rule. I've a very similar bag in red from Topshop that I now want to figure out where it is and use it!!

  3. What a cute shirt and I've got to find a bag as cute as yours :D



  4. This bag is super cute, I really, really like the color, or what I think the color could be xD

  5. Wow what a super cool heart bag - we really love this - Here is the ideal heart ring to go with it: http://b-bird.co.uk/Hand-Made-Rings/Large-Pink-Sparkly-Heart-Ring xx


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