I do realise this is really quite picture heavy but I had such a great time at the event that it was had enough just trying to choose these pictures! I went to London almost a week ago for the OneStopPlus Event which was held at the Nails Inc Flagship store which means of course that we were lucky enough to get our nails done as well (I'll try get my hands on a picture of them sooner or later).

I had such an amazing time and just seeing all the bloggers and meeting the OneStopPlus team! We saw pieces from the up coming collection, some of which were already on the website and I have to say I was so impressed! I especially loved the blazers one being a tweedy check and the other being black with pleather detailing, I definitely want to try these out in my size. As this event was almost a week ago now ( this has sat in drafts for a few days I'm sorry!) I feel like I have forgotten some things but if you follow me on twitter you will have seen how excited I was over the event. We were also treated to goody bags when we left which had mini straighteners in, I've always wanted a pair!

I can't wait to do more things with OneStopPlus as I do really love the pieces they stock and I will certainly be purchasing from them in the future. I also want to just say how lovely the team were and I didn't feel uncomfortable at all, like I may have felt at some places in the past. The event was also during Fashions Night out so everywhere was buzzing which I just adored.

and lastly, I LOVE LONDON.
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  1. thats so awesome that you got to be part of it, it seems like all the amazing plus size blogger events happen in london, its the place to be! glad you where there to report back :)



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