This is my room in halls at uni YES UNI HOW TERRIFYING after the initial meltdown I've calmed down slightly... though still missing Cheshire even though I'm back at the weekend!

Anyway yes this is my room for the next year, I've not finished bringing all my crap here yet which is partly why I'm going home that and the fact I need my own bed to sort my back out! If any of you have me on twitter or facebook you may of seen messages about me not meeting my flatmates well I now have almost (just one I'm yet to actually properly talk to) and they seem lovely I'm just really not into going out so they probably think I'm weird and quiet...hahaa. My duvet is from Primark as are 2 of my cushions the other is from B&M then my floral boxes and magazine holders are from Wh Smiths. You may sneakily see on my bookcase a few slightly cringey books but you know what I don't care I simply love them!

So I just wanted to do a quick update to show you I am alive and all that! Finally I just bought myself a nail art pen so look out for some god awful attempts at designs!
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  1. yay halls!
    i remember doing this exact post last year, although my room wasnt as nice as yours ^_^
    good luck my dear!
    Rosie xo

  2. You look properly settled in, and actually like you've done quite well at personalising the space and making it seem less, well, studenty. Love the love clock in particular, and I'm sure you'll be all at home there in no time!!


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