A Little Yours Clothing, Part Two.


Here is another of the dresses the ever so lovely Yours Clothing sent me to review. Now online this dress seemed like a utter dream to me, I've been after a white lace vintage styled dress for quite some time mainly because all the lace I seem to wear is black! But when I first got this dress I wasn't so sure, the length seemed all wrong for me and generally not that flattering on my extremely apple figure. When I finally got round to taking some pictures of me wearing this I actually felt a lot better about it I don't know if its because my hair and make up is done and I've actually styled it with something or I'm just feeling better within myself? But I think this suits me better now than it did when I first put it on.

The lace itself is really soft as I know from buying pieces in the past it can sometimes be really scratchy on the skin and the lining underneath I am pleased to say is not that horrible sweaty fabric you tend to get with a lot of lined dresses. The armholes aren't to tight either which I was so happy about as generally I can get pieces to fit around my waist but then the arm holes aren't big enough and either don't fit at all or cut into my arm. I have a few minor downsides to this dress though when mine arrived there was a small hole in the back which is just where one of the frill bits is coming off I don't mind this as I can easily sew it back up and secondly I wish they'd also do this with long lace sleeves and a A-line mini skater dress style then it would be my perfect dress.

I have styled it with some new shoes I bought from Primark's wide fitting section and I adore them! And this lovely little suitcase style vintage bag I bought when I went to Antwerp with my College last November. The lipstick I'm wearing is from Rimmel and the rest of my make up was just foundation and some eyeliner around my eyes. For this I thought I'd do something new with my hair and I actually like it like this and may have to wear it like this more often!

Lastly I'm off to London for the One Stop Plus event on Thursday is anyone else going other than me, Naomi and La Cara?
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  1. lovely! and your hair looks gorgeous! xx

  2. i really like the dress on you! glad you feel better about it because it does look lush x

  3. gorgeous dress and loving the hair, in fact I work a similar sort of hairdo quite often...

    also, had no clue primarni did a wide fitting section!

  4. i love this dress on you and your hair is so cool, i'm going to have to style steal!


  5. I was invited to that event and sent a press release for coats but no details of the event, emailed them for details and got no reply!! Aaaaanyway, you have styled this dress perfectly. Love that Primark make wide fit shoes, New Look only seem to sell horrible heels and plain pumps x

  6. Your dress is beautiful and your hairstyle is so pretty!



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