The little lace collar.


This is one of my first ever reviews and I have the lovely people from Yours to thank for it. Now before I begin I just want to let you all know that on the 1st of march I went to a university interview at De Montfort for Retail Buying in Fashion which means not only would I learn how to advertise pieces and all that jazz but I would not also be able to still make pieces too (which is what I'm glad to say because I would of been gutted if it hadn't involved any garment construction) I got a letter this morning, which took me half an hour to open and when I finally did it had good news! They have in fact offered me a place but I'm still waiting on Leeds College of Art and MMU so nothing solid as of yet! So I'm really giddy today about everything, and I'm also seeing friends from high school later which I'm pretty excited about so all is good today.

So anyway on to my review this is the first of two dresses Yours sent me. And over all I think its a really cute little dress, but there are some issues I find with it. One of these being that the fabric tends to cling to all your lumps and bumps so if your not too into that style (which I am not) I would think about sizing up though then there's a possibility that the sleeves would be too big. Other than this I really love this dress tucked into my shorts so Yours if your reading make a shirt like this, because I love the sleeves and the truly adorable collar! This dress is from Yours limited collection and comes to the price of 35 pounds which for me is a little bit pricey but if it ever goes into the sale I would definitely snap it up and just alter it into a shirt!

While I'm here I just want to say yet again sorry my pictures aren't great I've edited them on photo bucket to give them more vintage shades if that make sense? But I really like how the image of my shoes and bag has come out. The bag is from the 1950s and was my grandmothers and my shoes are from Evans, I wear these with everything from cute little dresses to leggings and shirts.

My next review piece is the animal print peter pan collared tunic which I know has been a big hit in the plus size blogging community and on twitter, and just as a little hint I wore it to the interview and they were impressed.
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