Boost your Carma.


Fashion films are becoming more and more popular as the industry has realised this is the way forward, because if your anything like me you want to see how the clothes move as well as whether they look pretty on a hang or not. One of last years fashion high points was definitely Nick Knight’s tribute to Alexander McQueen.

Plus size fashion has now also begun to make their own videos to meet this new niche for example the Beth Ditto for Evans’ promo video which was something I was pretty excited about (I blogged about the upcoming collections a number of times.) I originally heard of the independent labels Carmakoma through other bloggers who went to plus London writing about how lovely and colourful all the pieces were, I then also saw this little film which was produced for their Spring/Summer 11 range. And even though I've never bought clothing from Carmakoma I really love how all the pieces were styled as well as the utterly beautiful women modeling them.

This is what Carmakoma said about the fashion video, “The new film ‘Boost Your Carma‘ is a vivid illustration of the tendency that curvy women all over the world no longer will accept the perception that beauty equals skinny. In an aesthetical manner the film breaks with prejudice concerning body image and attitude for women in plus sizes.

The reason (other than how pretty the women is) I love this video is that they've not changed the atheistic because of it being for plus size, cause I know some brands which would do a pretty bland and possibly mumsy video for there plus size but a really interesting and visual piece for the straight fashion stores. I feel this film is aimed at the more younger of plus size women or just young at heart! I think its communicating that style is for everyone and you can still be sexy with your dress sense whatever size you are. I agree with Lauren on this with that my only thought is that possible there could be more clothing in the shots.

p.s I got the little quote from carmakoma off Laurens blog! I hope you don't mind!

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