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These top three photo's are some my brother took of me today while we were doing a little filming in my Granny's orchard. Now if you follow me on twitter you may of seen a few tweets about shooting or filming something along these lines well we've been shooting a kind of fashion/music video for my college unit at the moment, it is based on my theme for my final collection which is women's land army and the 1940s ( you may of seen a few posts based around this during Christmas). My brother is a 3rd year film and media student at edge hill, so he got a camera out and came home to film this for me.

The basic outline of the video is that even though the uniforms and what women and men now do in the army are different to the 1940s there relationships and farewells are still very similar. Thankfully I have a pretty wonderful friend who dressed up in some army gear and I must say he did look pretty dashing (to his annoyance when I said this, along with a number of other things haha). I wanted to show the contrast of a 1940s land girl and the modern day soldier, though obviously my outfit is only inspired by the land army look and is not completely perfect. The simply story we put for the video is based on a buddy holly song dearest (though my original idea came before it,this song just fitted really well) there's the soldier and the girl they take there last walk to a place they always go before he's sent to war, they say there goodbyes and he leaves, then we see how the girl helps the war effort by becoming a land girl, she gets a letter but you don't know what its about... and I' ll leave the ending a secret so you'll have to wait for my video.

Here's a quick note on what I'm wearing in these photographs, The shirt was purchased on my trip to Antwerp in November and was from the amazing 2 euro shop where I seriously need to visit again. The peg leg cord trousers are from asos curve and you've seen them a time or two on here, my cardigan is from new look inspire range about two years ago and has gone pretty baggy but is still soft and comfortable. Then my sweat guard is made from two pin brooches I bought from a vintage fayre before Christmas and I made the pearl chain between them from and old primark necklace. And finally the Chelsea boots I'm wearing I won from style369 on a twitter competition.

I'll post the video up as soon as my brothers finished editing, hopefully I'll have got my hands on the rough cut by tomorrow but I might wait and show you all the lovely finished piece instead, And on one last note I'll just state it now before you actually see the little film, and its that I definitely don't think I should become an actress. I hope you all watch my video and please tell me if I've missed anything out on the styling point of view because all the editing side is my big brother, so I can't change any of that the same.

p.s here is a awkward photograph of me and my soldier, my lovely friend finn who let me play dress up on him even walking down the street like this, bless him.

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  1. love the third photograph!
    you look beautifullll <3

  2. Your brother and you look adorable together! And I like that both of you are in some kind of "military" wear!

  3. hes not my brother hes one of my best friends but thank you anyway haha! and dont worry we've had people ask if we were brother and sister once in the past :) x


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