Dicta-coated miracles and then one day the curtain called...


this is Paloma's brand spanking new video and isn't it just an utter beaut. Though to me every single lyric of Paloma's is just beautiful. And just look at the costumes in this little jem! And know i am not calling them clothes because really they are far to spectacular to just be items of clothing. Paloma is channelling her full on show girl - feathers included.

My favourite style in the whole video is her lounging on the bed in the green get up. Though personally i think its the hat that just draws me to the ensemble, such a lovely yellow and i mean any hate with the netting a little over your face is a winner in my books. Finally I am very much trying to recreated her hair colour on me at the moment but only a little at a time because i truly love no, adore ginger hair. yes i know I'm a freak. But its just my way.

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