The evenings where it's at.

This is just a little ditty of an outfit post from last night. Even though i wasn't feeling thrilling after blacking out and falling yesterday morning it was my best friend's 18th so we went out for a bit of a meal then some other went on to town but i decided to call it a night before the mass of drinking started.
So here is what i decided to wear, i actually love this dress it was only a fiver from primark and normally i don't fit into there clothes but this is just right and lovely. The reason i picked up this dress is, fr once its polka dots that aren't black and white (all i ever used to wear is black and white, polka dots, stripes anything) its also the right length not to long or too short! and the pretty kind of detailing on the front is so darling wearing this i want to be sipping tea out of china cups and eating fairy cakes.
Then i just paired it with a couple of vintage bracelets which i found in a charity shop had to have. (though one needs a chain added so it doesn't fall off and get lost) And then i added my little navy blue vintage bag, i hardly use this due to the small handle but it does look right when I'm just going out for a meal and don't need to what feels like a truck load of stuff with me.
i just finished off my pieces with leggings and pumps from Evans (if anyone would like to I'd be really happy to take a new pair of size 5 EEE ones off you, the ones I'm wearing can talk to me.) and then my trusty navy cardigan which is from Dorothy Perkins, though you can tell i wear it too much because there's a painting strain on the back.haha
so who's out scouring the vintage/high street/Charity shops this weekend, I'd love to know what you've all found.
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