Ballet slippers and frilly knickers.


Have you ever thought how much the spirit of dance influences peoples fashion choices? Most importantly the art of ballet, it’s smooth, graceful, and precise movements have a ghostly glimmer that no other style of dance can quite match up to. From ballet flats to leg warmers, cardigans to sequin embellishments, there is no denying that the classic art of ballet has stimulated countless inspired looks.

The beautiful soft pastel palette of ballet colors; pink, blue, nude, and gray only seek to enhance the fluid and airy movements of the dancers.

Dreamy and angelic, ballerinas are the pinnacle of sophistication and elegance. They dress for comfort and chic-ness on and off of the stage. French bombshell Brigitte Bardot was a ballerina before starring in her first film, and actually studied her craft in Paris at one of the most sought after companies of the time.

So when you put on that nude cardigan with an embellished collar, or those studded ballet flats, think about where and when they originated: with the culture of the ballet. And remember to make sure you have perfect posture while wearing your ballet inspired pieces because if anything ballerinas are known for being elegantly graceful and for having precise posture.
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