Stripes and Circle Skirts.

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Top: Asos Curve. Skirt: made by me. Necklace: Topshop. Shoes: Evans.

The lovely Isha from An Autmns Grace snapped these for me very quickly after an event what seems like forever ago! And surprisingly I kind of love them, usually I'm pretty critical with the shots that make it on here but we were having such a giggle and I think that really shows! I know I've been a little quiet on the outfit posts front over the last month or so but I'm hoping that will soon change! I've decided even if it's just a quick phone selfie of an outfit if I love it I'll post it up on here for you all to see! 

This was worn for an event in London and on the train for hours (the first of which will be featured on the blog very soon!) I love this skirt and it still makes me extremely happy that if I can't find exactly what I'm after in the shops now I can just whip something up for myself! I wore a cheap petticoat from eBay under the skirt just to give it even more volume! Since these were taken I've had my hair cut to a shoulder length bob style as I'd gotten to the stage where I just needed it cutting drastically to breath some life back into my hair! The top is rather old from Asos Curve but something I surprisingly get a lot of wear from. However I did have to order it in a size above my usual so the arms are a little loose!

Don't ask me what's going on in the middle image, there was a worse one but my expression was even worse!

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1 comment

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