Ed's Diner.


Dress: c/o Lindy Bop. Shoes: Amazon. Lipstick: Mac - Lady Danger. Glasses: Jeepers Peepers.

These snaps were taken by the fab HMS Vintage at Ed's Diner in Cheshire Oaks for the magazine I work at (Vintage Life, check us out here and here) I thought as I was all dressed up and wearing something other than flats that I'd pop these up for you to see! These were in our latest January issue so I've had to wait a little bit before I showed you the proper photographs. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may have spotted a few sneaky snaps way back at the start of December when these were taken.

The rest of our team and myself were lucky enough to be sent some fabulous pieces from vintage reproduction companies like Voodoo Vixen and Lindy Bop to wear and I have to say I adore this dress as with a number of repro companies I tend to size up in clothes so here I'm wearing a 22, I just adore the style, cut and bow just my cup of tea! My boss/editor was sweet enough to curl my hair and I slicked on my brightest lippie. 2014 is the year I'm going to full embrace my love of red lipsticks, I own probably over 30 at least (I really wish I was joking) I'm trying to wear them as much as possible but after buying Mac's Ruby Woo and Lady Danger, nothing compares! They last all day and don't bleed around my lip line, just a dream really.

I was surprised how comfortable I felt when these pictures were taken, I'm usually extremely awkward when someone else is snapping away! Something like shoot of any kind in public would have freaked me out a few years back but now not so much, maybe I should be more brave this year as well and do more shoots? Answers on a postcard or just tell me what to do!

Big thank you to HMS Vintage for being the photographers, Lindy Bop for the dresses and of course my work for the opportunity to do a shoot like this. Oh and lastly Ed's Diner for letting us eat all the food and pose with everything!
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  1. That's a gorgeous dress and a lovely setting. Red lipstick is always a win! x

  2. I bloody love Ed's Diner and you look gorgeous!


  3. the green really suits you, you look like a star. Lets find a diner in Birmingham before the gig :) xx

  4. Cute dress and I wish there was an american style diner in manchester x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness


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