Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend.

Top: Both Black Heart Creative. Bottom: All Topshop.

As most girls do, I love my accessories in particular anything bold or with my initials on! I've been meaning to post about my fabulous necklaces from Black Heart Creatives one which I had custom made and need to order in even more colours! Now I've got my new snazzy camera I cannot wait to take lovely detailed snaps for you all! My Fat Bitch necklace has been worn to death and is certainly a talking point whenever I wear it (which is pretty much weekly) I don't find the word 'fat' a negative word so I feel kind of empowered whenever this is adorned around my neck. The piece I had custom made was Chunky Yet Funky I can't remember where I saw it but it struck a cord with me straight away and I've loved it ever since, so much so I'll hopefully be getting it tattooed on my thigh in the not so distant future! Another aspect of accessories I love is anything remotely monogrammed if it's got my initials on it I'm there! I spent far to much on the 2 brooches but I just couldn't resist how they look on my leather jacket and the initial necklace was to stunning to leave on the jewellery stand, it certainly beckoned me towards it and across to the till!

It's very clear that I love my costume jewellery from Topshop to Primark as long as I love what I'm wearing I don't mind where it is from. But there has always been something about more high end pieces that virtually the population of women in the world would be drawn to. And I love nothing better than spending my evening scrolling through  luxury jewellery online.
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  1. I wish I could paste a gif here. It's of Patrice Royale saying "Chunky, yet funky". Please google it! It's so good.

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  2. Accessories you can never have to much of Rosie, at an instance changes an outfit with less expense a thumbs up! from me xxx

  3. Great selection babs! Love the chunky yet funky one :D ♥ Claire at Jazzpad


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