Flower Arranging.

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What now seems like forever ago I got a lovely DIY Flower Box from The Great British Florist and thought it would be the perfect thing to give to my mum for her flower arranging which I also help her with.
We got a glorious box full of flowers within a day of ordering and decided to make something up for the alter at church, my mums on the router so she does a month at a time. Due to how insanely warm it's been over the last few weeks they weren't overly perky when we managed to open the box mostly due to them being left in the box half the day as I was at work.

All we added to the DIY set was some greenery and a few other flowers to add some more depth to the colours.The pictures were taken just after we'd finished it and some of the Lillie's were unfortunately still closed but after a vigorous spraying with water and being left over night they were fully open in all there glory for the church service the next morning!

I think packs such as these are perfect for the budding florist in you but if your not so kindly green fingered they could throw you slightly as how to put them together! Though this is something I'll definitely think about getting my mum one of these again as it certainly adds much more choice to the flower options she normally has for our church arrangements! And of course the obglitatory awkward photo of a slightly sweaty me with the flowers, they almost match my dress thank you Asos Curve!
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