In The Garden.


Dress: c/o Scarlett & Jo at Evans. Scarf (worn as belt): Vintage. Shoes: Matalan Wide Fit.

I saw this lovely dress way back in January at an Evans event. I instantly fell in love and loudly proclaimed said love to everyone in the room. Fast forward a good few months and the adorable girls at Scarlett & Jo popped it in the post for me and it was SUCH a lovely surprise! The Collar, Buttons and texture are to name but a few things I love about this dress. It can be dressed up or down and I've already worn it on a brief and casual night out with some of my friends and Once it's not boiling point weather wise I hope to wear it to work as well!

My only downside is I may have prefered the site up just for an over sized looser look and this would also mean it would be a little more space in the arms and neck. Not that I mind either way though it's something to just think about when trying it on! It also comes with a little tied sash for the waist band in the identical fabric to the dress but I fancied adding another dimension of colours into the miss with my lovely vintage scarf! I finished this look with my usual red lipstick and my hair how I always have it. May I also mention I've found another spot in my garden to take snaps! I always forgot about this tiny and slightly pointless path we have to a statue in the corner of my garden, it's a nice change from my usual brick wall!
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  1. I love that spot in your garden for pictures and the little patterns on the fabric look fab!



  2. I absolutely love this dress, you look great xx

  3. You look amazing! How is your hair so perfect :)

  4. Beautiful dress. You look great! <3

    Love, Mel xoxo


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