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Oversized Tee: Peacocks Men's. Trousers: c/o Curvissa. Clutch: Vintage Thrifted. Ear Cuff: Primark Flip Flops: Matalan.

The lovely people over at Curvissa sent me a little package quite sometime ago and I've only just got the chance to post about the pieces! Unfortunately as per usual life got in the way a little bit yet again so some parts of my blogging life had to take a back seat for awhile but hopefully I'll be posting less sporadically as soon as possible, well until my laptop has to be taken in again for some TLC anyway! 

These trousers aren't something I'd normally choose to wear which is why I decided to give them a go as I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone a bit more and these were a perfect first step! I tend to shy away when it comes to trousers or bottoms as due to being pretty short they're either way to long or due to my body proportions just don't look right on me! Here I'm wearing a size 18 in the shortest length they do, yes you heard me right they have length options which is rare and extremely wonderful! My only main issue with these is I feel joining of the two legs (ie the crotch) is sewn quite funny in a way it pulls slightly so wearing an oversized tee has hidden this little niggle for me, though I'm almost certain the only reason I noticed this is because I'm used to working with fabrics and utterly detest doing pants as crotches are so hard to do and I've become quite picky when it comes to them. Another thing is that Curvissa sizing can be a little confusing, just like most Plus Size companies really. I've tried a range of sizes from them and depending on the fabric and cut this determines what size I am in the item, just something to keep in mind! 

I kept the rest of the outfit quite simple so the bottoms were the main focal point. I paired them with my new clutch I picked up in a charity shop on holiday (which I'll show you in more detail soon as I have lots of bits and bobs to show you from then) and this cute and quirky ear cuff from Primark. Look out for my next post featuring the second item Curvissa sent me.
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1 comment

  1. I LOVE this outfit on you! I'm not normally a fan of this sort of trouser/tshirt combo but this really, really suits you. Also, the hair and look flippin' gorgeous. xx


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