Diamond's In The Sky.


Dress: c/o Curvissa. Clutch: Vintage Thrifted. Necklace: Dorothy Perkins. Shoes: Peacocks.

Here's my second piece the lovely people over at Curvissa sent me forever ago to style up! As soon as
I saw this I knew it'd be perfect for the summer to dress up or down and also help keep me cool when the temperature was insane. It's something I also thought would be perfect to wear to work, comfortable to sit in all day at my desk but not crease easily. I adore the print of this as it's still quite tribal stylised but a little more classic and smart, particularly with the repeated diamond pattern. It's also a colour and cut I feel good in. It doesn't cling to my stomach or badly in any other places and the subtle hit of colour throughout helps me break my dark coloured cycle slightly. I have no problems with the sizing or stitching from what I can see! 
Here I'm wearing a size 20 and it fits like a dream for me personally, loose on my arms with the bat wing style to help me keep a little more cool without flashing my pasty top of my arms!

I kept the finished look quite simply with the chunky necklace from Dorothy Perkins which I picked up in the sale, some ancient peep toe flats which have certainly seen better days but I just love to much to throw away and yet again my new Vintage Clutch I picked up in the charity shop. I can see this appearing in a lot of outfit posts in the future as I just adore the embossed pattern on the outside of the leather, well at least I think it's leather! All I changed make up wise for this was a slightly stronger coloured lip to bring the colour of the dress up and out more to my face (if that makes any sense) I'm wearing a slick of Rimmel Apocolips in Stellar, which I love the intense colours of but do find them a bit much on my lips over time and tend to feather and bleed with repeated application on top of another, but I find them wonderful for giving a colourful and glossy finish to my lips so I put up with it!

Let me know if you've not heard of the fab Curvissa until now or are you firm fans or fancy a flutter on their site from time to time?

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  1. Lovely dress and your hair looks so pretty like this!

  2. Absolutely love this dress on you. I was eying it when Betty Pamper reviewed it too. Haven't worn Curvissa before but will be soon!

  3. Hot stuff!! love your hair like this and this dress is perfect for you.

  4. I really like that dress, the colour scheme really suits you :-)


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