Shaken not Stirred.


I thought I'd do a little wish list post on what I'd wear for a night pretending I'm a in a James Bond film.
Of course you'll all know the new film is out now (or soon, I tune out as soon as Daniel Craig appears on screen in a suit? I'm yet to ever hit a casino but I'm sure any of these would do for my sparkling new (wish list) outfit!

I decided I would go all out with a shimmer and bling but still add a little quirky touch to make the look one of my own. The gorgeous almost twenties styled dress is from one of my old favourites Dorothy Perkins I think it adds some old school classic glamour but with a modern twist. The twinkling heels are from Style 369 I think the glitter accents stop the shoes and well the whole outfit from looking too dark. I love this clutch from Asos its quirky and cute, what's not to like?! And finally you can't go out to drink a martini shaken not stirred, obviously without a beautiful cocktail ring to adorn your hand. This one is from Topshop I decided to not have a huge diamond glistening ring as the shoes and dress already shine so much as it is!

Do you think I 'd be good enough for 007's arm in this get up?

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  1. This dress is so beautiful! The accessories go with it really well too :) I could see a red lip looking so glam with this look.



    1. LOVE that dress, very glam. Only going to see the new film because Ben Whishaw is in it and I totally fan girl over him x

  2. Agree with the others that the dress is goregous! Dotty P's see, to produce some lovely stuff! x


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