Sky Ride Manchester.


Sorry this is a very picture heavy post but I could of put even more up! Last weekend I was invited by the lovely people of Sky to attend the Sky Ride in Manchester to what I dragged the lovely Dani from a blog from blackpool to as I didn't want to do it alone. We were kindly given bikes for the route though we didn't manage to do it all as we had to be back in time to hand the bikes over and meet and have a chat with the lovely Kelly Brook! I will admit from all the people around her she seems a little high maintenance but as soon as she hopped up on a stool at our table and started chatting she was utterly lovely and was genuinely interested in our blogs and what we did, which was clearly pretty awesome. After awhile chatting we had to be cut short but not before we'd all got pictures with her and just in case your wondering she's as fit in real life as she is in magazines.

The top image is me seeing how big my lungs are compared to the Sky man (who I was totally in love with, I blame his Scottish accent). The second image being of two guys who were dancing with a boom box to lets get physical at the half way point, got to say they were hilarious and definitely brightened the ride! Now this guy on the bike was our favourite out of all the BMXers they were very talented and obviously not to hard on the eye either. Of course me and Dani somehow managed to get silly pictures with a few people including Mr Womble. now Dani knows I hate things dressed up but because I could see his face it didn't freak me out the same... until he started patting my head. We also got a poor dad to take a snap of our heads in the holes to have the bodies of some of the Olympic cyclists. After me and Dani had wandered around (and met up with my dad who had kindly taken me then decided to join the ride!) we went to get out faces painted because we'd seen some kids with it an it looked amazing, so I'm going to put another post up later in the week of that!

Over all it was a truly amazing day and considering I wouldn't say I like riding a bike as I think the last time I actually did I probably was about 15/16 I didn't do to badly and surprisingly I really enjoyed myself, it's a really cool way to see the city specially as there's not any cars around. Dani has also written about the day with a lot more detail than me so check out her blog here. I'd like to mention a big thank you to Sky for asking me along and I'm definitely going to do it again! You can check out Sky Rides official page here and see when the next ones are on, I'm thinking of doing the August ride through Leicester so I can see places of the city I probably never have before.
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