Simply Be Leicester.


Here's a selection of pictures from Simply Be's Leicester store opening, most of these pictures are my own from the eveing but I borrowed a few off Simply Be and one off the lovely Lucy who runs the highcross fashion blog! the Whole night was so, so brilliant I honestly enjoyed myself so much. When I turned up at the store there was a a small crowd outside ( all waiting for Gemma from Towie) I totally pretended they were all there for me, obviously I was loving life!

Top images are of course me with Gemma Collins who may I just point out is a total babe, she was so polite ad even took a business card off me ( yeah cheeky I know!) I spent most of my evening with the lovely Cynthia, who is an absolute doll and I very much loved talking to her I think we were the only two plus size bloggers there so it was great representing all the other girls too! The store has a truly spacious layout and its easy to mill around everything but its not at all empty by any means! The dressing rooms are also to die for and I even had a go on the magic mirror (which actually took forever to write my twitter name in, so i gave up and posted them to facebook!) but it was still brilliant. I don't want to ramble on to much because it's already pretty picture heavy, but I'll just say once more it was a pleasure seeing Charlotte from Simply Be and some of the other girls as always as well as there competition winner Abi who was such a lovely girl!
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  1. Awww thanks. It was lovely meeting you too. x

  2. Oh my god i'm so jealous it's crazy. I have the biggest girl crush on Gemma she seems so fun and down to earth. :] The picture of you both together is lovely. I really want a trip to simply be but the nearest store to my is in bury which is like a 3 hour treck away :[ xxx

    1. ps I love the sunglasses that you are wearing x


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