Sunny Day at Sudbury Hall.


Just a few quick snaps from when I was wandering around the grounds of Sudbury Hall on Sunday with my parents. It was such a lovely day though we didn't turn up until half past 4 when basically everything is closed but you could still walk around the grounds it was purely a fleeting visit on the way back to uni but it was nice to wander around the gardens all the same.

I can't wait to visit again and pretend I'm in some period drama (wearing a denim skirt and polka dots obviously I look the part!) In a number of the rooms within the hall they actually filmed some scenes for Pride and Prejudice the original TV series with Colin Firth, yes I was excited when I found out! Next time I'm going to make my brother go so at least I have his decent camera instead of my slowly but surely dying one!

During the next week or so I'll get a post up about when I visited Arcadia head office (home of Evans, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop etc) for a little blogging event to look at the new Evans collection, if you follow me on twitter you'll know it was great and I think there's a few snaps up on the Evans facebook page to!
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  1. oh me gosh what a luvly place!
    want to visit sometime. looks so pretty! <3
    would be nice for an afternoon stroll around the grounds. ^^<3 Looking forward to the Evans post!

  2. Saw the snaps of you on the Evans FB page, looked fab!
    Sounds like a lovely Sunday afternoon, I'm planning on having a picnic this weekend x

  3. Looking forward to your Swan collection post. This place looks fab - a gorgeous place to get married I think. xXx


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