Floral and Denim.


Just a post to state that I am alive and wearing clothes! It's feels so long since I did an outfit post and I promise to get a few decent pictures taken before the weekends over I've just not been very productive over the Christmas holidays which is truly awful I realise! So here is a quick snap my best friend took of me in her bedroom this evening while we sat on her bed chatting utter rubbish and giggling very loudly mostly due to one of the utterly amaze presents I got for her this Christmas!

So what am I wearing the skirt and shirt are both new pieces from the sales I actually feel I've done pretty well out of them though now I'm definitely going to have to cut down my spending. The shirt I am in love with and its so comfortable! But its one of those pieces that if the majority saw it they'd think it wasn't very nice but i love the vintage style and the floral's, my mum kindly bought it me while we were in Manchester on boxing day and it was £7 from new look inspire. The skirt I bought myself as I tend to wear the same denim skirt all the time ( and I really mean all the time it rarely comes off) I think it reminds me of a seventies style though I could be wrong! I got it from Dorothy Perkins for £15. I'll show you all my other sale items as soon as I can.

I'm hoping to do a few posts before the end of 2011, it's sounds so scary to think this year is almost over and so much has happened I might start 2012 with a look back on everything I've done and what I plan to do, hope that sounds good!
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