You need me, I don't need you.


I have a slightly obsession with this song at the moment and well Ed Sheeran in general really. These pictures I print screened from the video, Which I'll post below. If you've been reading my blog for a while you may remember seeing my post about the acoustic version of his last single The A Team and I basically declared my love for him on that so I won't do it again. So I'll actually talk about the video for a change and not how good looking the singer is (though of course he is!)

I love that they've used a guy signing the lyrics while Ed is playing, I feel it brings a whole new outlook onto the video unlike many other generic ones at the moment. Also the fact that you don't actually see Ed's face until the very end of the video is definitely a new idea, I think its so you actually think/listen to the lyrics which I also adore, seriously he has a way with words! I've always loved black and white films so obviously I like this too. Now I don't want to say much more So I'm going to leave you with the video and my favourite lyrics from the song. Oh and expect more posts about Ed in the future as I got tickets to see him in Manchester in January!

"I’m still the same as a year ago but more people hear me though, according to the myspace and YouTube videos. I’m always doing shows, if I’m not I’m in the studio truly broke, never growing up call me Ruffio. Melody music maker, reading all the papers They say I’m up and coming like I'm fucking in an elevator."

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  1. he's beautiful! and back to the playsuit comment i think you have to find one with a neckline to what you normally wear which does the trick! hope your okay rosie! xxxx

  2. I really like Ed Sheeran too, his songs are so good and he is quite talented too, especially with his freestyling stuff!


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