Mondays Mugshot, Week 1.


1. So I thought I'd just give these a try! I know a fair few blogs already do this so I thought I'd give it a go. Basically every Monday I'll post a picture of my "mugshot" with a list of things that are going on in my crazy little world.

2. This time next week I'll have moved into my halls at uni and its safe to say right now that I'm absolutely bricking it. I don't feel old enough to even go to uni never mind basically live on my own, I just know I'll be home most weekends for the first few months. I can't cope being away from home for more than a week!

3. I'm planning on bleaching the bottom of my hair this week, that's if I manage to get my haircut before I go to uni, just fancy a change and I've spent a good part of the summer trying to get rid of the ginger/red I had in preparation for ombre -ing it. So once I get it all cut I shall go for the plunge so check out next weeks Monday Mugshot to see if I've done it yet. Also I don't know if you can tell but recently but my hair seems to have grown quite a lot and I was thinking of having it cut short but I have no been talked into keeping it longer.

4. And finally do you like my Paloma Faith inspired make up, I've been avoiding packing so I spent some time doing my make up repeatedly... I can always do one eye with eyeliner really well and the other is never half as good? Does this happen to anyone else?
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  1. looking gorgeous lady! haha yeah i always do flicks with my eyeliner & sometimes one is pointing up & the other to the side! not brill... honestly don't worry too much about starting uni. halls can be great fun & its such a learning curve. i wouldn't be able to do half the things i can now if i'd gone home all the time. learning to cook with your flatmates always brings the lols. i'm sure you'll love it ;) xx

  2. You are gorgeous! I'm starting my second year at a new uni (MMU) next week and it's just like the first year of uni all over again, i'm panicking haha!

  3. good luck with moving in to uni! i was shitting myself this time last year. I'm sure it'll all go swimmingly :)
    Rosie xo

  4. That always happens with me too re. one eye being better than the other with makeup. Especially with winged/cat-eye eyeliner! You look lovely :)


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