Monday Mugshot, Week 2.


1. I haven't given Monday Mugshots a good chance I completely forgot about it last night, promise I'll be on it way more next week! I would say its because I've been too crazy with all the freshers hype but the truth be told I was in by 8pm last night after a truly awful film quiz, we basically didn't have a clue for the majority of the questions, but in our defence they weren't easy!

2. Uni is going okay at the moment I've made a few friends but me and my flatmates haven't bonded like others have but that's fine because were all happy doing our own things and the rest have friends they've come uni with. And to be totally honest I'm not one for being out until the next morning!

3. The one thing I'm not doing to well on is sleep, I miss actually sleeping! I'm hoping everything will calm down once freshers is over I can happily stay up until half 1 or 2 with people making noise but after that I need to sleep, so I'm thinking I'll have to invest in some earplugs as cotton wool does not block out people shouting at all!

4. One last thing this picture is of me just before I popped out on Sunday to the SU to watch a hypnotist weirdest thing I've ever seen some of the things he was making his victims do (yes I'm going to call them victims because I would never pretend to hump a chair!) were cringing!
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