Dress up your denim challange.


This pretty picture heavy post is a little challenge the merry traveller set anyone who reads her blog and it was to dress up our denim! We were told that you can take your pick of denim shorts, denim skirts or jeans in whatever colour they are and attempt to dress it up so you can proudly wear that same outfit for both day and night, allow it to span from being casual to glamorous and vice versa! This is all in the name of fun and will help everyone who has the same problem as me have a glean into how others will use their creativity to dress up their boring denims. I choose a denim play suit, which I've had since last year but I've never actually worn it out in public because I just felt that it didn't look right on my Apple shape...( well I think I could be a apple shape, but to be honest I really need Gok Wan to tell me!) I'm also pretty short so where the waist drawstring on it sits isn't on my waist (where ever that is) it sits really low and just isn't all that flattering.

So I thought how can I make it look prettier? Then I remember reading a post on Dainty Dresses yesterday where Charlene had worn her play suit with a skirt over so it looked like a top. I loved this style because I actually really like the pocket detail and the collar on the play suit, so this is what I did and I think it's worked rather well. Also I NEVER EVER have my legs out even if the skirt or dress is below the knee I always have tights or leggings on! But the sunshine spurred me on to do it and you know what? it's not that bad and I think I'll do it again, also what do you think of my little frilly socks I got them from urban outfitters last summer in the sale they even have a little white bow at the back as well as the lace.

Anyway I've got distracted there, so back to the challenge what do you think of my day to night looks? All I've done is change the accessories and cover up, I wanted to keep the socks so it gave the look a more femanine feel (that and the shoes rub my toes a little) The black patent leather also throws in a more grown up style as well. The black cover up is a really old pashmina which I tied up behind my back with a hair bobble. The belt in the day look is from Dorothy Perkins and I really love it cause it has a kind of vintage look, the second belt was from Primark. The silver necklace is a very old one from Topshop which I've fixed so many times now and the little cameo is from a charity shop. Both pairs of shoes are from Evans Basically all my shoes come from there because they just fit so well! And the bag in the night look is from Topshop a couple of years ago.

Right now on to the actual clothes pictured the play suit is from Asda last year and the floral skirt was from Dorothy Perkins sale a few years ago as well! From doing this little challenge I've found my self a new outfit and I really like the outcome. I finished the evening look with red lipstick and my hair down and the day style was lip stain and a smooth ponytail. And finally just to show you it really is a play suit here's a pictures of me flashing the shorts at you! And I apologise for the really cheesy grin and the milk bottle coloured legs in there defence they've not seen sunshine in a very, very long time.

So how do you think I did with this challenge? I'm tempted to try it with more of my denim pieces as well, what do you all think?
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  1. Really like it Rosie! Can't believe I only just discovered your blog :) Lynsey x

  2. Wow, you always look so lovely! I love this outfit! :)

  3. Amazing! I would never have known it was a playsuit if you didn't say or flip up your skirt! Well-done, I thought it is really pretty and lovely to frolick around in, have tea with friends, watch a movie at night kind of thing. Socks with shoes is a trend I've seen on many but I don't have confidence to wear but you rock it!

  4. I really like this idea, also this socks look so cute on you! I thought about trying this out this summer, too. I am normaly not going out without leggings or tights, but maybe this summer I will be brave enough!

    Your hair looks reaaally cute, too ^__^

  5. Digging the black heart purse! Is it from Bebe? Found your blog off another fashion website & so happy I did! Please swing by my blog if you have a chance.

    New post up about Bohemian Fashions!

    Following you, follow back? :)



  6. Love your flowery skirt!
    Your adorable!

    visit me @

    your newest follower,

  7. You have reminded me that I have that skirt!
    I don't wear denim at all, I tried a denim shirt recently and I looked butch, so tricky to wear but you have done a great job x

  8. Hey there, I've just discovered your blog and I love it! This is such a pretty outfit and so so perfect for spring :) Love how you put the skirt over the playsuit too, such a good idea when you didn't feel comfortable in it before :) xx

  9. you look lovely :)

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)
    & check out the £50 Laura Ashley giveaway!

  10. i really like the flowery skirt! and bare legs and pretty socks is such a good thing (I should probably be brave enough to try it myself) :)

  11. you're an apple just like me! and braver than me too. Love it.


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