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This is Ellie Goulding hauntingly beautiful cover of Elton Johns classic Your Song. This is just one of those songs that evokes so many emotions with in each and every person who listens to it. I have to admit i thought that the only descent cover of this was in Moulin Rouge but now I think this amazing take is actually much better, I have a inkling it's Ellie's voice that makes it so personal, like it's her own personal story and she's just telling it to you and no one else. I first heard this song on radio 1 on Fearne Cottons show and i froze in my tracks, i stopped everything i was doing and just sat there in with no distractions listening contently, to tell you the honest truth i was in total awe of the tones in Ellie's voice. I find her ghostly echo pretty amazing and put it to the right track (nothing for the more popesque market) her voice sounds delicate and inspiring.

I have to admit i used to sing a little and be my own person, my own voice I never tried to be someone else or any other singer, but i got knocked down a few to many times and now i find it incredibly hard to sing in front of anybody. This is why i love Ellie Goulding as well I mean does she honestly sound like any other singer at the moment? As far as i know she wasn't labelled "the new whoever" which in the music industry today happens a lot. I feel this song brings hope to my heart and soul. Yes i realise how corny that sounds but its the true and what are blogs for if not sometimes airing the truth, however stupid or embarrassing it sounds. Anyway back to the song itself it is now on the Christmas advert for John Lewis and we all know how beautifully done there past few adverts have been and how huge the songs on them have become.

this song is the kind that leaves you with goosebumps, which is a extremely good thing.

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  1. was just listening to that song on itunes! hehe. and yes i'm all for the full fringes!!!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)
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  2. it is a insanely beautiful song, hence the utter ramble about it! :) this and that beautiful adele cover are my favourite songs at the moment xx

  3. Wow. Can't describe how much I love this! & Ellie is stunning.


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