Read it? No Wear it.


Or as i (and many other fashion inspired people) like to call it. The Bagazine. I have seen many bags over time being inspired or replicating magazines but these have to be my resent favourites.

The top image was taken by me at The Gallery of Costume at Platt Hall last weekend. I have also seen spotted a similar styled bag by the same designer in Hooper's of wimslow. It is by Prima or Primo cannot (i read my quickly scribbled words very well, haha) but that is all i know. also if i am comparing it to the other bag pictured underneath the first image. It is a more structured bag with a clasp on the top unlike the other which is in a envelope style.
Now onto the second bag it is H! by Henry Holland for Designers at Debenhams. But this bag is no longer being sold in shops. This is my dream bag in fact at this very moment in time i am watching one on eBay which is new with tags for 6.99 (originally in the shops for £20.) i am desperate for one of these its kind of crazy but beautiful which i love. The clasp is a H which you twist to lock and open the bag it is purple cotton lined inside, and Henry's face is pictured "wrapped" around the bag in a magazine style.
I just wanted to show the difference in structure and styles within different markets because, yes Henry Holland is a designer but he is based more for the 16 to 25 age gap and the other bag i picture is more mature and structured due to muted tones and style and more suited to the 30's plus age range. But both are lovely, the Henry Holland Bagazine wins in my opinion and i cannot wait to get my hands on one.
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