It's raining, raining in my heart.

Yes i got soaked in the rain. Yes it was totally worth it.

It doesn't actually look wet in my photo, but believe me it was, i got really soaked on this walk, but it was with my best friend so really i couldn't care less about how i looked by the end.
This photo was taken before the rain started hitting me in the face so i still look ever so slightly tidy. Me and lily have done this same walk twice now not only is it really pretty but also because its quiet and it reminds her of Pride and Prejudice i won't go into detail to how much she loves it, but its like me and twilight.enough said.

The outfit i am wearing in this is nothing fancy it was more about the weather conditions than whether everything matched.haha
But i am wearing a loose fitted t-shirt from Dorothy Perkins and leggings also from there. And my wellingtons were New Look about 6 years ago, i was eleven when i got them i am now 17, you do the math. The Bandanna is from the cow boy section in a fancy dress shop, I've been after a red bandanna ever since i saw a hair tutorial in my vintage magazine and the only place i knew sold them was Kings Party Emporium in my town. They were really helpful and are always lovely whenever you go in.

Before i cry farewell for another post i need to thank my friend martin who photo-shopped the photo for me along with another image, which i both posted on Lookbook. He is a real dab-hand with anything involving computers (which is super good for me as I'm not.) and also has a web design site he's just started.
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