Not so Tiny.


Every now and then i will go into Topshop and find a number of pieces that will fit my chubby and round frame. And i feel that the majority of my friends can shop there so why can't i? In the past few years I've started ignoring what society says a "fat" person should wear and if it looks roomy enough I'll try it on regardless what size the label says. Though I'm not one of those girls who says they like to dress different from everyone else and then you ask them which is there favourite shop and they come out with Topshop (this has happened to me on a few occasions) But i like to wear a eclectic mix of pieces all from different shops and different eras.

But anyway less about that and more on to these really lovely tops. I was just searching through Topshop's website seeing if there was anything that i could manage to fit in i found these first two. I really love a bit of tartan and I've yet to find a shirt in the fabric that i actually like, now i have though I'm unsure to whether the shirt would actually fit me, it's worth a try! Secondly is the photo booth top and i love this, i was always the kid that got everyone to pull a stupid face then it would actually only be me doing it...
Then the pussy bow blouse at the end i have been lusting over for ages! its just so cute and smart but it looks easy to wear as well. I'm also a fan of William Morris wallpaper and find old fashioned painted flowers and patterns quite fascinating and the pattern on this shirt it utterly adorable. Maybe If i ever get chance to try any of the tops on I'll get a few sneaky photo's so you can see what you think? As always thank you ever so much for reading and don't forget to comment.
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Thank you! I try to read every comment I get and if I don't reply on here find me on twitter (@rosieroundface) and let me know!

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